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Dhyana Yoga with Sri Shivabalayogi

For thousands of years the ancient seers and saints of the past have practiced one technique that not only brought them peace of mind and self healing, but also God Realization. This ancient technique is called “Dhyana Yoga”. The word ‘Dhyana’ literally means to concentrate. In turn this is what we call meditation.

But what is meditation? What is its purpose? True meditation is more than just sitting quietly. It is an inner search for who we truly, our purpose in life and to be merged with the Supreme Absolute Godhead.

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Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi

At the age of fourteen, the Bala yogi (boy yogi) entered the super-conscious state of Samadhi, with a single touch from His Guru, Lord Shiva. Thus began, the intense spiritual austerity of tapas, where the Bala yogi remained in Samadhi. He performed uninterrupted meditation for twenty-three hours a day for eight years, and twelve hours a day for an additional four years. While completing His tapas, he also mastered the four directions and attained full siddhis (powers) on August 7th 1961. He emerged as a God-realized Yogi, with a mission from His Guru: To bring the people of the world in the line of meditation for individual and world peace.

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Gift of the Guru - Introduction

Gift of the Guru - 2001 Tapas

2008 Healing Homa


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